Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jenny Craig Food Price List

This list does not reflect new items, and
remember, this varies by region...

Food Meal Calories Cost Storage Code Temp Subtotal
Banana Nut Cereal Breakfast 170 2.09 Dry 126 0
Banana Nut Muffin Breakfast 220 1.99 Frozen 305 0
Blueberry Muffin Breakfast 200 1.99 Frozen 253 0
Breakfast Scramble Breakfast 200 4.99 Frozen 294 0
Breakfast Stuffed Sandwich Breakfast 200 3.89 Frozen 317 0
Complete Start Cereal Breakfast 190 1.99 Dry 121 0
Cranberry Almond Cereal Breakfast 170 2.09 Dry 127 0
French Toast Breakfast 220 4.99 Frozen 383 0
Frosted Oats Cereal Breakfast 170 2.09 Dry 125 0
Fruit & Granola Breakfast 200 1.99 Dry 122 0
Honey Oat Bar Breakfast 170 1.79 Dry 211 0
Multi-Grain Cereal Breakfast 130 1.89 Dry 111 0
Multi-Grain Hoops Cereal Breakfast 170 2.09 Dry 131 0
Oatmeal Breakfast Square Breakfast 190 1.89 Dry 128 April 0
Seven Grain Hot Cereal Breakfast 180 1.99 Dry 120 0
Silver Dollar Pancakes Breakfast 190 3.99 Frozen 308 0
Strawberry Bar Breakfast 150 1.79 Dry 225 0
Sunshine Sandwich Breakfast 190 4.19 Frozen 396 0
Triple Grain Crisps Breakfast 150 1.99 Dry 119 0
Lite Table Syrup Breakfast 35 0.55 Dry 210 0
Anytime Peanut Butter Bar Snack 120 8.99 Dry 832 0
Anytime Praline Bar Snack 120 8.99 Dry 832 0
BBQ Pita Puffs Snack 120 1.69 Dry 832 0
Bruschetta Veggie Chips Snack 130 1.89 Dry 847 0
Chocolate Caramel Peanut Bar Snack 150 1.89 Dry 836 0
Chocolate Graham Cracker Twists Snack 120 1.89 Dry 845 0
Chocolate Chip Bites Snack 120 1.89 Dry 839 0
Chocolate Chip Snack Bar Snack 140 1.69 Dry 835 0
Chocolate Walnut Brownie Snack 160 2.19 Frozen 274 0
Cookies & Cream Cheescake Snack 150 2.09 Frozen 292 0
Double Chocolate Cake Snack 170 2.29 Frozen 371 0
Jennie's Cheese Curls Snack 130 1.89 Dry 829 0
Lemon Cake Snack 170 2.29 Dry 372 0
Peaches & Cream Cheesecake Snack 210 1.99 Frozen 234 June 0
Peanut Butter Bar Snack(US) 1.69 Dry 811 0
Popcorn Snack 140 1.69 Dry 806 0
Sourdough Bites Snack 110 1.19 Dry 825 0
Toffee Bites Snack 130 1.89 Dry 830 0
Trail Mix Snack 120 1.59 Dry 827 0
Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Snack 150 1.99 Frozen 232 April 0
Turkey Jerky Snack(US) 2.49 Dry 842 0
Fruit and Nut Bars Bar/Drink 243 Dry 851 0
Honey Peanut Bars Bar/Drink 234 Dry 852 0
Mocha Drink Bar/Drink 251 Dry 854 0
Vanilla Drink Bar/Drink 249 Dry 853 0
Bean with Ham and Bacon Soup Lunch 160 3.99 Dry 584 0
Beef Chow Mein Lunch 310 5.29 Frozen 346 0
Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Potato Lunch 210 4.09 Frozen 354 0
Cheesy Enchilada Lunch 260 5.29 Frozen 314 0
Chicken Salad Lunch Kit Lunch 260 4.99 Dry 451 0
Chicken Sandwich Lunch 250 4.99 Frozen 323 0
Chicken Breast Strips with Rice Medley Lunch 250 6.29 Frozen 286 0
Chicken Stuffed Sandwich Lunch 270 4.99 Frozen 326 0
Chili Con Carne Lunch 240 3.99 Dry 560 0
Creamy Potato Soup Lunch 150 3.99 Dry 585 0
Garden Vegetable Soup Lunch 230 3.99 Dry 567 0
Hawaiian Style Chicken Salad Kit Lunch 0 4.89 Dry 452 June 0
Homestyle Chicken with Noodles Lunch 190 4.79 Dry 431 0
Italian Wedding Soup Lunch 220 5.24 Dry 587 Temp 0
Jenny's Personal Pizza Lunch 260 4.99 Frozen 378 0
Meatball Stuffed Sandwich Lunch 260 4.99 Frozen 300 0
Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup Lunch 230 5.24 Dry 588 Temp 0
Pesto Pizza Lunch 270 4.99 Frozen 281 0
Rotini with Meatballs Lunch 250 5.19 Dry 442 0
Southwestern Chicken w/Rice & Beans Lunch 250 5.39 Dry 443 0
Southwest Style Chicken Burrito Lunch 260 4.99 Frozen 297 0
Spinach & Cheese Torellini Lunch 150 3.99 Dry 561 0
Swedish Meatballs Lunch 250 5.19 Dry 440 0
Thai Lemongrass Chicken w/ Noodles Lunch 240 6.29 Frozen 287 0
Tuna Salad Kit Lunch 240 4.99 Dry 450 0
Turkey Burger Sandwich Lunch 280 4.99 Frozen 260 0
Vegetable Beef Soup Lunch 100 3.99 Dry 583 0
BBQ Chicken Pizza Dinner 0 5.69 Frozen 233 May 0
Beef w/ Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Dinner 200 5.29 Dry 439 0
Beef Sirloin with Rice Dinner 230 6.29 Frozen 284 0
Beef Steak Portobello Dinner 270 6.29 Frozen 288 0
Cashew Chicken Dinner 290 6.29 Frozen 291 0
Cheese Ravioli Dinner 280 5.29 Dry 444 0
Chicken Fajitas Dinner 290 6.29 Frozen 361 0
Chicken Fettuccine Dinner 260 6.29 Frozen 324 0
Chicken Pasta Parmesan Dinner 200 5.29 Dry 437 0
Fish and Chips Dinner 250 6.29 Frozen 307 0
Florentine Ravioli Dinner 290 6.29 Frozen 283 0
Island Style Chicken Dinner 290 5.29 Dry 436 0
Jenny's Rising Crust Pizza Dinner 280 5.39 Frozen 348 0
Lentils with Beef Dinner 240 5.29 Dry 438 0
Macaroni & Cheese Dinner 250 5.29 Frozen 385 0
Meat Loaf with BBQ Sauce Dinner 280 6.29 Frozen 290 0
Pasta Fagioli Dinner 210 5.29 Dry 433 0
Penne Pasta Dinner 280 5.29 Frozen 316 0
Salisbury Steak Dinner 280 6.29 Frozen 289 0
Sweet & Sour Chicken Dinner 200 5.29 Dry 434 0
Teriyaki Glazed Salmon Dinner(US) 6.99 Frozen 230 0
Traditional Lasagna Dinner 240 6.29 Frozen 399 0
Turkey Chili Dinner 260 5.29 Dry 435 0
Turkey with Gravy Dinner 270 6.29 Frozen 398 0
Vegetable & Chicken Potstickers Dinner 290 6.29 Frozen 269 0
Protect Plus Dinner 290 12.99 Frozen 269 0


Anonymous said...

i have been started back to Jenny craig and buying the bare minimum and it is still is a freakin fortune. I left there with the smallest pitiful amount of food and it was 65 dollars which is insane. I know it would work if you could do just their food and stick to it but you had better be wealthy. I just looked at the individual price list and it blew my mind. Even the "economical dry food meals" which were suppose to be cheaper are like 5 dollars for 8 bites of food. I am done. I done. I am calling them tomorrow and telling them I am finished. I can eat lean cusines from walmart for less then half of that. I feel like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Lean cuisines are packed full of sodium.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I'm on my first week and analyzing the cost of everything. The prices are a bit higher where I am--about $0.20-$0.30 higher per item. All said and done it's about $140-$160 per week with added groceries. Thank goodness I'll be be on this for less than a year ;)

Anonymous said...

I just started Jenny Craig and only plan to stick with this for 1 month because of the high cost of the food. I will use this month to set up my own diet plan and am spending hours on the net looking for similar products. I believe it is possible to find reasonable priced products, integrate some of my own foods and still lose weight. For those of you in Canada, check M & M Meat Shops for some great Healthy Eating products.

Nicole said...

Yes the prices are insane but you are not paying for food with Jenny Craig, you are paying for convenience. The reason JC works is because it's EASY. Just pop it in the microwave and you're done! Yeah, you can go to the store and bargain shop for healthy foods, plan your own menus and cook it all yourself for half the cost but you KNOW you never will. You'll do it for a week and then the kids will have a science project or you'll need to stay late at work or you'll have to bring the car to the shop, you won't have the time to prepare your health food, you'll eat the first thing you see and your diet will be blown. Again.

I've done this. I've gone through this with weight watchers. It never works long term. I've lost 60 lbs on Jenny Craig in the past and I'm planning to start back up soon even though I am dirt poor right now. It's the only thing that has ever worked because it appeals to and compensates for my inherent lazy nature. It is also the best option for the time crunched. Who has the time to cook one meal for yourself and one for the family? Who has the time or the patience to manage and count every morsel they eat?
If you have the time and will power, weight watchers is a MUCH better option for you, and cheaper.
But for people like me who don't like to or can't think about what they are eating and will eat before every meal, Jenny is the way to go.

Catalina said...

I am a Jenny Craig Member and noticed that this price list was on here. It is close but not up to date, I think it would be good for people searching to have the right pricing as of 2/27/09.

Banana Nut Cereal - 2.19
Banana Nut Muffin - 2.19
Blueberry Muffin - 2.19
Breakfast Burrito - 4.99
Breakfast Scramble - 4.99
Breakfast Stuffed Sandwich - 4.29
Complete Start Cereal - 2.19
Cranberry Almond Cereal - 2.19
French Toast - 4.99
Frosted Oats Cereal - 2.19
Fruit & Granola - 2.19
Honey Oat Bar - 1.99
Maple Nut Hot Cereal - 2.19
Multi-Grain Hoops Cereal - 2.19
Oatmeal Breakfast Square - 1.99
Silver Dollar Pancakes - 4.29
Sunshine Sandwich - 4.39
Triple Grain Crisps - 2.19
Lite Table Syrup - 0.50

Beef & Barley Soup - 4.99
Beef Chow Mein - 5.49
Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Potato - 4.39
Cheesy Enchilada - 5.49
Chicken Gumbo Soup - 4.99
Chicken Salad Lunch Kit - 5.29
Chicken Sandwich - 5.29
Chicken Stuffed Sandwich - 5.29
Chili Con Carne - 4.19
Creamy Potato Soup - 3.99
Garden Vegetable Soup - 3.99
Hawaiian Style Chicken Salad Kit - 5.29
Homestyle Chicken w/ Noodles - 5.19
Italian Wedding Soup - 4.99
Jenny's Personal Pizza - 5.49
Meatball Stuffed Sandwich - 5.29
Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup - 4.99
Pesto Pizza - 5.49
Rotini with Meatballs - 5.49
Southwestern Chicken w/ Rice & Beans - 5.49
Southwestern Chicken Burrito - 5.29
Spinach & Cheese Tortellini - 4.29
Swedish Meatballs - 5.49
Tuna Salad Kit - 5.29
Turkey Burger Sandwich - 5.29
Turkey Club Panini - 5.99
Turkey Cranberry Salad Kit - 5.29

BBQ Chicken Pizza - 5.89
Beef w/ Mashed Potatoes & Gravy - 5.49
Cajun Chicken & Sausage w/Rice - 5.49
Beef Stroganoff - 5.49
Cashew Chicken - 6.49
Cheese Ravioli - 5.49
Chicken Carbonara - 6.49
Chicken Fajitas - 6.49
Chicken Fettuccine - 6.49
Chicken Pasta Parmesan - 5.49
Cookout Style Chicken - 5.49
Fish & Chips - 6.49
Jenny's Rising Crust Pizza - 5.49
Lentils with Beef - 5.49
Macaroni & Cheese - 5.49
Meat Loaf with BBQ Sauce - 6.49
Mesquite Chicken - 6.49
Pasta Fagioli - 5.49
Penne Pasta - 5.49
Salisbury Steak - 6.49
Spaghetti w/Meatballs in Tomato Sauce - 6.49
Teriyaki Glazed Salmon - 6.99
Sweet & Sour Chicken - 5.49
Traditional Lasagna - 6.49
Turkey Chili - 5.49
Turkey with Gravy - 6.49
Veg. & Chicken Potstickers - 6.49

Snacks & Such:
Bruschetta Veggie Chips - 1.99
Choc. Caramel Peanut Bar - 1.99
Choc. Graham Cracker Twists - 1.99
Choc. Chip Bites - 1.99
Choc. Chip Snack Bar - 1.99
Choc. Mint Bar - 1.99
Choc. Walnut Brownie - 2.19
Cinnamon Twists - 1.99
Cookies & Cream Cheesecake - 2.49
Double Chocolate Cake - 2.19
Gingerbread Men Cookie Tub - 4.49
Jenny's Cheese Curls - 1.99
Lemon Cake - 2.19
Peanut Butter Bar - 1.99
Popcorn - 1.99
Pumpkin Spice Cake - 2.19
S'mores Bar - 1.99
Sourdough Bites - 1.39
Toffee Bites - 1.99
Trail Mix - 1.69
Triple Choc. Cheesecake - 2.49

Jenny Dressings (Asian, Balsamic, Ranch, Raspberry) - 0.40
Soupitizers (Rosemary, Thai, Tomato Florentine, Minestrone) - 2.99
Anytime Bars (Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter) - 9.99 (7 bar box)
Multiplus - 3.49
Protect + - 12.99
Splashers (Lemonade, Raspberry) - 6.99

Hope this helps, I know it helps me. Also, as my Jenny in person consulted stated, if you want to save money, you dont have to purchase all their stuff. Buy your own multivitamin, buy your own crystal light instead of Splashers, you can purchase 100 Cal. Snacks if you feel their snacks are expensive. For example, I got popcorn 100 Cal pack, 10 for 3.50, that is only .35 cents each bag while Jenny's popcorn is 1.99 each bag. Its just a way to look at some alternatives if you feel you need to be more on a budget.
Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I was on Jenny Craig for about 2-2.5 months. I lost almost 10 lbs. nothing insane, but certainly not missing those ten. It was a slow process, but I hear that's the best way to do it. It was convenient I admit. But it doubled the food costs of me and my husband! Of course we were buying less food at the grocery store cause it was mostly just for him. But I agree, the prices are just too high. And I don't know if I'm rationalizing it all, but when I finally decided to quit cause I couldn't afford it anymore, I honestly felt tired of the foods. They really are tasty, but I couldn't imagine doing it for a whole year, or even more! If I could afford though, I prolly would have stuck to it, atleast awhile longer.
I have now began using "The Daily Plate" feature at Its just been a few days but I find it to be a great tool, and even better: its FREE! You can search an enormous database of foods (including Jenny Craig) and all you do is indicate the amount of servings you ate. It calculates and tracks the amount of calories, fat, etc. you've eaten each day. I make the same dinner for my husband and I, but pay more careful attention to the portion size on my plate. That's all its really about in the end; portions and more calories OUT than IN.
Hopefully I'm able to use The Daily Plate on a long term basis- successfully,we'll see...

Anonymous said...

You need to remember they are also paying the staff... the cost is not for the food alone.. go try with the lean cuisines... and have no accountability...gain weight and then come back to jenny craig and spend more to take it off again.

Anonymous said...

I have tried all diet plans out there Nutrisystem, which by the way I actually dreaded eating with their food. It did not taste good to me at all. I have tried Jenny Craig before and it did work for me. I am with the rest on here it is VERY pricey, however we eat out a lot and when I break it down it actually isn't much more than I was spending on extra coffees, snacks, lunches, eating dinners out. I love the food it is delicious. If you go to the center to your weekly consultation is going to save you a ton on the shipping of the food. Also, here is the list on here go over it and select within a budget. I have tried the frozen dinners at the supermarket NO WHERE near as good as the food from Jenny Craig's, not to mention the sodium count. If you can do it on your own I am probably thinking we would not have come to this site in the first place! GOOD LUCK! P.S. No I am not a spokesperson for Jenny Craig :) I just know it works!

femminile estasi said...

Is this price list posted for Canada?

The Ticola family said...

jc is very yummy. i have tried nutrisystem in the past, but their food did not taste good.

Anonymous said...

I started Jenny Craig when I was 16 years old and I have been on it for the last two years. It really works, I have lost over 50 pounds and even when I stopped it for a few months last summer, I didn't gain any weight back. I agree it gets expensive but once you reach a point you start to save. It starts with 10%, then 20%, and finally 30%. The only catch is you have to spend $50 dollars or more to get the discount. What I do is plan what I am going to buy so I just reach the 50 mark, get the 30% off and buy the rest of my food on my own. This way I can start transforming into life without Jenny but still have food that is already premade if I am running late or too lazy to make anything. I wish everyone success and remember don't give up. Everyone deserves a bikini body.

Anonymous said...

When it comes down to it, yes the prices may be high. But isn't it worth getting healthy and starting your new life style change. Jenny Craig isn't just about the food, its about the support from everyone there, its about learning the right way to deal with food.
In my books its worth it, I'll pay a little extra a month to regain my health and maybe a few more years.


Anonymous said...

I have been on JC for 15 weeks and have lost 37 pounds. I love all of their food. I never cheat and stick straight to the program. That is why I have been successful. Its like anything you stick to it you will lose weight. It is exspensive. I paid alot to gain weight I will pay alot to lose weight. A sandwich might be $4.00 but I would spend that at Mcdonalds for a value meal and that is terriable for me. I dont think I will be losing any weight eating that value meal. I say do JC it is worth it.

Anonymous said...

Check out the shelf stable foods at HMR:

I'm currently doing one of their clinic programs (big $$ for clinic meetings) but wanted to compare to JC food prices...

Their boxed entrees are less than $4ea and you get free shipping for large orders. So maybe their food is a good alternative to JC entrees? Very low in sodium, add your own veggies, etc.

Melanie Joy Vertalino said...

I agree with Nicole and a couple other people. Granted, I am only on week two of the program, but before this, I was spending $165 a week on groceries because I try not to eat meat, and have to buy a lot of seafood which is expensive.

Before this, I was dieting on my own and working out DAILY for 5 weeks and I GAINED 3 pounds. Yet, my first week on Jenny Craig, I lost 5 pounds. And you do have to remember, you don't pay any weekly fees and the staff is not working for free, so they have to raise the prices of food to pay the staff. And it's not like it's $500 a week. If you can't afford it, I suggest you find a better job because isn't your health worth it? How much would it cost to be sick? There are a ton of benefits of being in shape and the cost is worth it and definitely outweighs the alternative.

Also, I have tried every diet that ever existed. As stated above, Nutrisystem food tastes like cardboard and I dreaded eating it too. And if you want to go to weight watchers, prepare yourself for feeling like total crap when you get weighed and didn't lose any weight, as their staff doesn't know what the word "compassion" even means. When my menstrual cycle comes, I always gain 3 pounds in water weight. They don't care. Not to mention you feel like a cow in herd of cattle. At Jenny Craig you get private, personalized attention, brainless menu planning. Not to mention, the food is delicious. There is no place else you can get all of this. Jenny Craig works and is worth the cost.

Anonymous said...

It may seem expensive, but all the unconcious eating we have3 been doing was even more expensive! 5.49 for a lunch or supper? When was the last time we spent that on a meal!! The thing is, you aren't going to be on it forever! If you stick to the program, depending on the weight loss intended, we are talking 3-12 months. The better you stick to the program, the quicker the weight comes off!

Anonymous said...

I'm strongly considering JC and this is the most helpful site I"ve seen!!! I would love to do it for about 2 to 3 months. I realize there may be a fee to join, does anyone know how much the fee is for first-timers? Also, once you pay that fee, can you purchase all the items "a la carte"? Because I know the main things I'll want to buy are breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees and the snack bars - but no need to pay for things like popcorn, cereal, or soup as I already have my own personal preferences for those 3 from the store (that are lo-calorie options.)

I do think its worth it for 2 to 3 months to get weight off, but beyond that I could see it adding up. I will plan on not buying much other food at all besides Jenny for those months - its kind of refreshing to have it be so worry-free! And less cooking. I hope that it is easy to take the food out of packaging to cook in microwave or oven as I don't like cooking in plastic containers.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to my first appointment to think about starting up the program. I'm really worried about the cost of food,as I will be buying regular food for my husband. I'm hoping I can get buy on just buying dinners and some snack bars for lunches. I hardly eat during the day as it is, so I think I can get buy on less food to purchase. I am happy to hear that the one consistant thing mentioned,except for it's pricey, is that the food is good. hard to make yourself eat something that has no taste or worse, tastes bad. I'm not certain how long I can keep it up but I have 50 pounds to lose so wish me luch. I have a tight budget, but I think I can at least get started to see what it's like and go from there. This site has been very helpful.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for a return call to set up an appt. for the 1st time. I only have 10 - 15 lbs. to lose so the price might not be too bad for a short time. Right now my freezer is full of meat & fish but I'm sure it will keep for a while (lots of sales lately) If I understand correctly each time you go to see your consultant you are allowed to do your shopping there??? Is there a certain day/time each week when the selection is the best???

Anonymous said...

Does anyone who has been or will be on Jenny Craig know if they have a discount for buying food on a weekly basis? Instead of paying the individual prices, do you pay a certain amount for 5 days of food or whatever?
It is a bit expensive, but I want to try this out for a month.